Footsteps Forward

A leaf in the wind

Destination, unknown

Subject to where it's blown,

So are we.



Tethered to nothingness,

Submerged only in gravity,

Dancing forth oh so gently.

So are we.



Edges never found,

Only expanse announced,

Time expended on redefining invention

Unequalled in demand;












Footsteps evolved, leaps and bounds,

Claw at eternity's front door.

Ever flawed, ever needing more,

Desire so dire, an insatiable sore!



Hush, my friend.

Remember, the leaf is you,

The leaf is me,


And we.



Swaying and swirling, stop hurling your desire at the wind,

It hears not words nor action, only stillness.

The key that carries, fretting merely tarries,

Prolonging your want, humanity’s expression;












So flow in the breeze, surrender your worries,

Let them wander the seas.

At ease with fear, release your care for little things,

And dance.



Our lives are the leaf,

Never landing, traversing or fanning out,

To where we think it will.



But there will always be progression,

Marked by our footsteps forward.